Walmart: $.77 Money Maker for buying Oui Yogurt!

I love Oui yogurt and this deal at Walmart is just fantastic!  Grab some if you love it too OR use this money maker deal as a chance to try it if you never have!  I know at over $1 per cup it doesn’t seem very frugal, but when there’s a deal like this, you just can’t pass it up!

There is a rebate for FREE Oui from Ibotta – $1.34 cash back and you can get TWO – but my Walmart has Oui for $1.23.  When I redeemed the rebate I got the full $1.34 back though!

And when I scanned my receipt into Fetch Rewards, there was a bonus offer for buying two Oui, so I got 550 points for my receipt with the Oui purchase on it.  That’s the equivalent of $.55 in rewards.

Oui by Yoplait – $1.23 each
=$2.46 for 2
redeem: $1.34 cash back on Oui by Yoplait  from Ibotta (credits you $2.68!)
scan your receipt with Fetch Rewards:  get 550 points (equivalent to $.55)

That’s a total of $3.23 back on something you only paid $2.46 for!  A PROFIT of $.77!  

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