In Case you Missed it: Checkout51 App Now Gives you Cash Back at the Gas Pump!!

Now Save on GAS with the Checkout51 App!

You’ll need to make sure you update your app through your device’s app store to see all the new features!

A whole new way to save for Checkout51 users starts today!

You can save on EVERY fill up at participating gas stations, EVERY week!

After you update your app you’ll be prompted to enable location services – you don’t need to set them to “always”.  I set mine to “while using app” and it is working just fine.

After doing so, when you open your app you’ll see the new section “Save on Gas” under the “Bonuses” section.


The app will tell you what gas stations near you are participating, what their gas prices are (you can change the grade of gas it shows in your settings) and how much cash back you get!

I used the “see more” option and it pulled up a map that showed all the gas prices around me!!  It was amazing to see that somewhere I normally get gas was $2.40 but just a couple blocks over gas was $2.15!  That’s a big difference!

And factoring in cash back means more savings!  The two closest to my house are showing $2.27 and $2.25 – BUT the station with the $2.27 gas offers 16 cents per gallon cash back versus 4 cents at the other place!  I know where I’ll be getting gas next!


I can’t wait to get started saving on gas!

So here’s what you need to know.

Don’t add a gas offer to your account until you’re ready to get gas.  Receipts have to be time stamped within 4 hours of adding the offer.

Make sure to get a receipt!

Make sure you upload the receipt within 24 hours of adding the offer to earn your cash back!

Not familiar with Checkout51?  Keep reading for my Checkout51 crash course!

How to use the cash back app, Checkout51, from start to finish!

Sign up for Checkout51 and start using it today!  It’s an EASY way to save money!  It’s like Ibotta – only it works at ANY store.  Which means you can buy items at stores like Dollar Tree, Aldi and locally owned grocers and get cash back on them!

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Here’s how Checkout51 works:

  1. Sign up! 
  2. Purchase any of the products listed under “Your offers this week”
  3. Upload your receipt using the Checkout 51 app or by taking a picture and uploading to your computer
  4. Checkout51 will confirm your purchase and credit your account.
  5. When your account reaches $20, you may request a payment for the credit in your account (via check), or leave the Cash Back in your account to continue accumulating.

New offers are loaded every Thursday and are valid through the following Wednesday.

Hurry and sign up for Checkout51 so you don’t miss out on any savings!

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