FREE Osmo Coding Sample Kit for iPad

I had looked into Osmo coding kits at Christmas time but never got one because I didn’t give myself time to really read up on them and see if it were something my son would like.

I’m glad I waited because Osmo is giving sampler kits out!  Yes, you can try it out for FREE!  Hurry to request this FREE Kids Osmo Sampler Kit for iPad .   This will let you see if your kids will enjoy it before you purchase a full kit! 

Not only did this awesome freebie really arrive, it arrived SUPER FAST!

Hurry and request your Osmo Sampler Kit for iPad!

The Osmo helps kids with practice problem solving, puzzles, math, and creativity with their 5 hands-on learning games. This freebie will be delivered to you within 4 to 6 weeks.

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