I’m a Crazy Cat Lady | Meet my 4 Cats!

I fall in the category of crazy cat lady.  And I’m sure there has to be some of you out there that love your cats too!  Occasionally, I mention my cats when there is a cat related deal or it’s National Cat Day or something.

But I felt like they needed a proper post where you can get to know all of them!  (If you really, really love cats, I post lots of pictures of them on Instagram!)

This is Lady Guinevere. 

Or Lady for short.  Or sometimes Ladybug.  And sometimes Yeti.  (That’s a long story).

She is the OG.  She was here first and her story of how we ended up with her is long and convoluted and worthy of it’s own post one day.  Just know that she IS QUEEN.  And she hasn’t exactly forgiven me yet for bringing home the trio.  Even though it’s been years now.

You see, one day, I brought home these:

I refer to them as my fluffy, rash decisions.

They were born in my in-laws garage to a half-stray cat that was still nearly a kitten herself.  And they were going to take them all mom, these three and the other two litter mates to the shelter.

Well, I was already in love with them.

So we brought home the trio in April of 2018.

This is Simba O’Malley.

We have Simba because my son said, “I’ve always wanted an orange tabby and name him Simba!”  And this was the only orange tabby in the litter.  So… here he is!

I call him my teenage boy cat. He is rambunctious and reckless and clumsy and naughty and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.  He’s the chillest of all the cats and will tolerate snuggles and let you hold him like a baby!

This is Merida Swann.

We also call her Murder.

She is relentless.  Toy mice, bread ties and toes under the covers are not safe from her murderous tendencies.  She is brave but cautious.  She was also the hardest of the three to extract from my in-laws’ garage.  She was this tiny, hissy, puff of fur running under every thing in the garage she could find to run under.  But I finally got her.  

And now she is a gorgeous kitty!

She has her moments where she can be sweet but she mostly likes to be loved from an arm’s length away.  She does not like cuddles.  I feel so honored when she sits “near” me because she doesn’t do “close”.  In fact, as I type this, if I stretch out my left arm I can almost touch her tail.

This is Punzie Belle.

This is my little house panther, trash gremlin and baby.  If you’ve ever owned a tortiseshell cat, you understand what they call “torti-tude”.  She has it.  Her personality is so different from the other cats.  And she is SO LOUD.

But she’s also my snuggly baby that rolls over onto her back for belly rubs.  She “talks” to me.  And calls for me when I’m in another part of the house.  I have to answer her so she’ll stop.  She always meows and meows and meows when she wants to be picked up OR if she wants me to sit down so she can curl up in my lap.  I LOVE HER.

So that’s it!  That’s my crew of cats!  Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to see more of my cats!

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