Cash Budgeting System – $11.88 SHIPPED

Budgeting made fun, easy, and super cute. Get your cash envelope budget going with these minimalistic envelopes, labels, and budget sheets.

This Cash Budget Envelope and Budget Sheet Set is $11.88 on GroopDealz.

It also ships FREE!

Of course you can use regular envelopes to do the cash envelope budget system.  But paper envelopes will wrinkle, rumble and tear after a while.  These are more durable so you won’t have to constantly be replacing paper envelopes.  Plus, something like budgeting needs fun colors!

How does GroopDealz work?

This GROOP DEAL is a PRE-ORDER.  Orders are taken as a collective and a bulk order is placed with the supplier at the end of the deal, which is how such a low price is offered. Please allow up to 30 days after order is placed for shipping. Check expected ship date in “shipping” section for the most accurate date.  Not every deal on GroopDealz is this way, some ship quickly, be sure to read the fine print!

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