Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls | Made from Canned Cinnamon Rolls!

christmas tree cinnamon rolls

What’s better at Christmas time than Christmas Tree shaped food for breakfast?  Not much, right?  Taking a hint from our St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls, we decided to try Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls!

No, I don’t make cinnamon rolls from scratch.  You’re going to be amazed at how easy these really are!

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Rolls

You start with a can of these:

Yep, just good ol’ Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls – make sure you get the Butter Cream Frosting Flaky Cinnamon Rolls (yellow band around the can).  This is important! There are kinds that don’t fluff up right and you’ll have a disaster.   Just ask our Pumpkin-shaped Cinnamon Rolls.

Arrange them on a pan like so:

It only takes 7 of the 8 rolls in the can to do this.  I thought about making another level on the tree but my pan wasn’t wide enough to do that.  I am going to figure out how to make a bigger tree.

The eighth roll, I just bake separate on the pan and eat it when no one is looking.  Shhh!

Bake per the directions on the can.


You will need the cream cheese from the can so DON’T eat any of it.  Ok, so maybe just a taste while the rolls are baking…

For the Shamrock Cinnamon Rolls, I iced them normally and colored some sugar to put on top.  It wasn’t my favorite thing to do because 1) extra sugar and 2) we try to avoid artificial food dyes because my son is highly allergic to Red 40 (he’s less reactive to blue and yellow but it’s still not something we seek out to use).

This time I decided to use my McCormick Nature’s Inspiration Food Colors to color the icing.  It’s powdered food coloring so it wouldn’t color sugar but it mixes nicely with the icing.  Just a pinch of blue and a pinch of yellow and you have green!  A light green, but green nonetheless.  It’s good enough for us.  If you want the brighter green you can use the artificial food colors and make it a brighter green.

christmas tree cinnamon rolls

I’ve since discovered that you can get natural food dyes in a liquid form so I’m excited to check those out soon.

This was a fun breakfast to kick off Christmas break with.

Looking for more Christmas ideas?


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