Dollar General: 11 Deals Using Only Ibotta (enough to complete some bonuses!)

Determined to get all my Ibotta bonuses I hit up Dollar General for all the snacks and quick foods.  Hubs likes easy microwaveable meals to eat at work with things to snack on during his shift.   This represents one lunch (the pot pie and the mac) and one drink and two days worth of snacks, the ketchup which we always need, plus a YoCrunch yogurt for my son that I forgot to get out of the fridge for the picture.

Total shelf price for everything was $7.40.

After $2.25 back from Ibotta, my cost was $5.15.  BUT these items gave me enough for the Scarecrow bonus which means I also earn $5.00!  So everything in the picture above was almost FREE!

Details on the deals above and more are below – keep reading!

Oreo Grab ‘N Go packs – $.50
$.25 cash back on any size Oreo from Ibotta

Chips Ahoy Grab ‘n Go packs – $.50
$.25 cash back on any size Chips Ahoy  from Ibotta

Lay’s and Doritos single serve bags – 2/$1.50 (or $.79 each)
buy one of each and redeem $.25 cash back on any Lay’s from Ibotta
AND redeem $.25 cash back on any Doritos from Ibotta
=$1.00 for both – $.50 each

Powerade Singles – $.80
$.25 cash back on any Powerade from Ibotta

YoCrunch Single Yogurt Cups – $.85
$.25 cash back on any Yo Crunch from Ibotta

Red Baron singles – $1.00
$.25 cash back on Red Baron any size from Ibotta

Banquet Pot Pies – $1.00
$.25 cash back on Banquet frozen meals, any from Ibotta

Kraft Mac single cups – $1.00
$.25 cash back on Kraft any size from Ibotta

Hunt’s Ketchup – $1.25
$.25 cash back on Hunt’s Ketchup from Ibotta

Totino’s Party Pizzas – $1.50
$.25 cash back on Totino’s Party Pizzas from Ibotta

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