Possible Heinz Ketchup and Schick Razors Freebies (PINCHme accounts)

Check your PINCHme account for possible freebies!

I was checking in to see when the next Sample Tuesday was and noticed that I had two freebies to claim!  One is a sample of Heinz Ketchup with Veggies and the other is a coupon for FREE Schick Razors!  Be sure to  log-in  SOON to see if you have these extra freebies in your account!

Not signed up yet?  Keep reading to see what it’s all about!

Here is how PINCHme works:

Step 1: Sign up to become a PINCHme member:

First things first, you need to register your basic details at www.pinchme.com. Once this is complete, allow PINCHme to get to know you! All you need to do is answer a series of questions about your household and shopping habits which will help PINCHme understand a little more about you so you are offered samples that suit your needs! For example. Tell them if you have a baby in your household so you are eligible to claim diaper rash cream, diapers and bubble bath!

Step 2: Claiming your first sample box:
On the next Sample Tuesday (watch your email for a reminder!), you need to log into your profile and choose the samples you want PINCHme to send from the ones available based on your member profile questions. PINCHme will ship your box full of samples directly to you for free!

Step 3: Tell PINCHme what you think of the samples you tried:

Once you have had the chance to try your PINCHme samples you need to complete a short feedback survey to tell PINCHme what you think of the samples. This is essential to be eligible to claim future samples.

Tuesday, April 9th, is the next day! Make sure you go HERE at 12pm ET/11am CT on 5/14.

If you got a box last month, be sure to go review your samples so you are eligible for more samples!

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