Graco Highback Turbo Booster Car Seat $35 shipped!

The lack of understanding when it comes to car seat/booster seat safety really upsets me.  When your kid outgrows their 5 point harness seat you don’t just sit them in the backseat and slap a regular seat belt on them and hope for the best.   Seat belts in cars are designed for adults.  The lap belt does not sit right on a small child and the shoulder belt doesn’t cross the right spots on a child.  THIS IS WHY KIDS NEED BOOSTER SEATS.  G just stopped riding in his this summer and he’s 10.  His head reached the top of his booster so we took him out and let him sit in the regular seat and checked off these criteria:

  • he can sit his rear end all the way back in the seat
  • he can put his feet flat on the floor
  • the lap belt rests on his hip bones – not his stomach!
  • the shoulder belt sits on his shoulder – not his neck.
  • he can be trusted to sit properly, not slump down, turn around, etc etc.

If your child can’t complete this checklist, then they still need to be in a booster seat.  A booster seat “boosts” them up so that the seatbelt fits in the proper places.  PSA over.  Here’s the deal:

Graco Highback Turbo Booster Car Seat, Glacier – $34.99 shipped

That’s $15 off regular price.  This is pretty much the lowest price point you’ll find on booster seats at any store.  Graco and Evenflo are the least expensive brands.

Walmart currently has this exact seat also for $34.99 but potentially with free store pickup if it’s available at a store near you.

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