Ultimate NERF Christmas with Amazon Sales and $10/$50 Offer

My son is going to be SUPER happy I stumbled across this sale on Amazon today!  He hasn’t stopped talking about NERF stuff since a friend of his had a NERF birthday party back in the spring.

Today on Amazon, you can save $10 off the purchase of $5 worth of select games and toys.  And a LOT of these games and toys are already marked down AND there is a good bit of Nerf items.

I just got the hookup for Christmas!  Here’s what I ordered:

NERF Elite Digital Target Toy – regularly $19.99 – now $18.99

Because he needs something to shoot at.

NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor – regularly $12.99 – now $9.99

The gun he’s been begging for.

NERF Zombie Strike Quadrot – regularly $9.99 – now $7.10

Because I need something to defend myself with.

And then I got TWO packs of Official Nerf N-Strike Elite Series 30-Dart Refill – regularly $11.99 – now just $6.96 each ($13.92 for 2)

Because our cats love to chew up NERF darts.

At regular listed price, all of that would’ve been $66.95 BUT with the current sale prices it comes out to $50.00 EVEN!

Combined with the $10 off $50 offer (no code necessary – just add eligible items to your cart!) it drops the price to $40!  I save $16.95!


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