International Cat Day – August 8, 2019

Lady would argue that EVERY day should be “International Cat Day”.  But officially, it’s just the one day.  August 8, 2019, is International Cat Day.

This was Lady’s response when I told her today was her day:

Last year on International Cat Day, I introduced you to our 6 month old kittens.  Well, now those six month old kittens are 18 months old!  Let’s see how they’ve grown, shall we?

This is Simba O’Malley, the only boy in the crew.  And a HUGE love bug!  He’s super huggable and sometimes a bit naughty.  Here’s his picture I shared on this day last year:

And here he is now:

This is Merida Swann.  She’s the only long-haired of the (kitten) crew.  (Our older girl is long-haired also.  This is Merida last year:

And this is her today:

And this is Punzie Belle.  And she’s the only….well, she’s the only her.  She’s a character!  This was her last year… so, so, tiny:

And this is her today:

Having kittens has been a trip.  They’ve sort of mellowed out now but they still have their moments.  It’s been fun watching them grow up.

I have tons of info to share with you guys.  Including reviews on the best cat litter – just as soon as I figure out what it is – I’ve tried about ELEVEN different kinds already!  Did you see my review on Grass Seed Cat Litter?

So do you have cats?

Happy International Cat Day!