Circle with Disney 1st Gen Parental Control WiFi Filter – 76% off Regular Price (It’s a STEAL!)

I’ve been researching internet safety options since I have a new middle schooler with his own new computer for school.  The Circle with Disney was on my short list and I stumbled across an amazing deal tonight that I couldn’t pass up on!

Hurry to Amazon to snag the Circle with Disney (1st Gen) – In-Home Parental Controls for Wi-Fi Connected Devices for just $24.00!  That’s a $75 savings off the regular price!!

Obviously, this is the 1st Generation device and doesn’t have all the features of the newest one, but this CAN be used without a monthly subscription to a service and since I don’t need parental controls for cellular service or wi-fi on the go, the Circle with Disney (1st Gen) is everything I need at the PERFECT PRICE!

What do you use to filter internet content and set screen-time limits in your house?  Let us know on the Facebook page where we are discussing just that!

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