FREE Amazon Gift Card Money For Prime Day | 4 Quick Ways to Snag Some

Ok, if you’ve been around here long, you know we are all about earning Amazon gift cards year-round for Christmas (or whatever) shopping.  Prime Day is just around the corner and might be a nice time to do some of that Christmas (or whatever) shopping.

So my question is, how much do you have saved in Amazon gift cards?

Plus, I’ve got some quick ways for you to grab some more gift cards before Prime Day gets here!

Earn Amazon gift cards before Prime Day:

This is a good option if you are planning on making a big purchase on Prime Day.  If you’re planning on buying a tablet, device or other big ticket item, why not grab the extra $10 by loading money ahead of time?

Well, this one takes the cake for being super easy!  But the $10 can only be used during Prime Day.  Be sure to read all the details.

Download the Amazon app for three ways to cash out!  Just for downloading and signing in to the app, you’ll get $10!   Make a purchase from the app and get another $10!  Finally, use the in-app camera or Alexa features and get $5 more!  That’s a total of $25 if you’ve never used the Amazon app before!  You can read more about the Amazon app promotion here.

  • Turn your change into Amazon money!

This one is listed below in my list of ways to snag gift cards all year long, but it bears mentioning here because if your change jar is overflowing, you can turn that into Amazon money!   Coinstar lets you cash out to an Amazon gift card WITH NO FEES!  Keep all your money!  Find a Coinstar near you.

Want to start saving year-round?  Keep reading! 


All the Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards for Christmas Shopping

I’ve paid for MANY Christmas presents the last 7 years just from the gift cards I get from Amazon.  It takes a lot of will power to save them up over the course of the year, but the payoff is worth it when I have $300 or more to spend at Christmas –  that was FREE to me! Here are ways you can rack up Amazon gift cards for your Christmas (or whatever!) Shopping!

  • My Coke Rewards – My Coke Rewards has changed slightly over the past year.  But just before Christmas they were offering $5 Amazon gift cards for Coke codes.  It doesn’t hurt to save those Coke bottle tops or the codes from inside the 12 packs (codes can be found on all Coca-Cola brand products – including Powerade)
  • Receipt Hog – I love Receipt Hog!  I just snap pictures of my receipts from shopping (grocery, convenience store, retail) and I get coins for my scans that I can redeem for Amazon gift cards!  It really is that easy!
  • Fetch Rewards – This is a new one I only just found last October but it’s so easy to use that it helped me contribute to my Christmas 2017 shopping with a few Amazon gift cards!
  • RewardShopping (formerly Superpoints) – View ads, surf the web, spin the Super Lucky Button.  Earn points you can cash in for gift cards to Amazon, Target or for Papypal cash!
  • Swagbucks – Swagbucks is my favorite way to earn Amazon gift cards quickly!
  • Grabpoints  (formerly Zoombucks) – similar to Swagbucks and RewardShopping and another way to earn Amazon gift cards.  Use code M16ZXBZ when you sign up for 500 points! With a 500 point boost just for joining, it’s worth it to join, earn enough points for a gift card (shouldn’t take long) and if you don’t want to do anymore, don’t.  But why waste the opportunity for 500 points?
  • TopCashBack – I use TopCashBack for purchases I was already going to make and I earn cash back.  Then I can turn that cashback into Amazon gift cards!  There are several ways to cash out on TCB (including bank deposit and Paypal) but choosing Amazon gives you a bonus percentage added to your cash out amount!  So it just makes sense to cash out to TopCashBack.
  • Panel App – I’ve only recently started using the Panel App and it is a slow earner.  BUT it’s super easy to have it on my phone and check in every few days for surveys.
  • CoinOut – another slow earner that I’ve only just started using.  But it’s as simple as scanning your purchase receipts, so if I’m already doing that on other apps, I might as well use this one too!
  • Coinstar – have change laying around but you hate taking it to a coin counting machine because they charge a fee so instead you just let the money sit there?  Stop doing that!  Coinstar lets you cash out to an Amazon gift card WITH NO FEES!  Keep all your money!


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