Update Your Facebook Settings to See Posts

Facebook is at it again!  They’ve decided only ONE percent of my 14,700 fans get to see my posts!  They don’t trust that you can decide for yourself if you want to see my posts.  “Liking” my page is not enough.  They want me to pay $60 per post to reach all my fans – I make 15-20 posts a day.  That’s $900-$1200 PER DAY.   I don’t make that kind of money – do you?

Remember, when you see a post from a page you like (and I hope this is one of them) a quick “like”, comment or share will tell Facebook you want to see more!

But you can also do more to make sure posts from my page show up in your feed, take a second to do this:

From the Saving Toward A Better Life Facebook page,  look for the “Following” button under the header right next to the Liked button.  

First thing you want to make sure is that you have clicked “Like”.  You can “follow” a page without “liking” it (that’s SO WEIRD, FACEBOOK).  But it’s page “Likes” that are good for my blog (that’s how giveaway sponsors measure blog popularity and chose who to work with based on those numbers).  So make sure you have “Liked”!

Then click on “FOLLOWING”  and you will get a drop down that looks like this (minus the highlights):


“Default” will be selected but you will want to change it to “See First”.  This makes sure new posts to the page will be at the top of your newsfeed.

Also, if you would like to be notified of posts to the Facebook page follow “On” under “Notifications” and you’ll occasionally get a notification that new content has been posted.

Also, the best way to not miss any deals is to visit www.savingtowardabetterlife.com every day or sign up for the daily newsletter!  Sign up here > http://mad.ly/signups/64844/join and you’ll get ONE email every day.

Thanks for being a reader!

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