Ibotta Battle for Bonus Cash Blue Team Members Won $16 each!

The Ibotta  Battle for Bonus Cash is over!  And the winner is……………………

I’m so bummed!  I was on Purple!

So what did the Blue Team win?

Each Blue Team member was awarded $16.07 to their account today!

It is important to note that if you were assigned to blue team but you didn’t qualify earlier in the month (by earning $25 in redemptions) then you aren’t eligible for the split from the win.


Not an Ibotta member?  Sign up here and you’ll be a part of my “team”!  With over 100 people on my team, we reach the team requirements every month.  Which means FREE money for you if you meet the personal requirements!

Confused by Ibotta?  Never fear!  Here’s a step-by-step video I made on how to use it.  Including how to make sense of all the bonuses!





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