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Amazon Prime Members Get Special Deals at Woot!

by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on February 25, 2019 · 0 comments

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Woot! is having Amazon Prime Appreciation Week where Amazon Prime Members (who always get free shipping at Woot!) will have access to special deals!

Prime members get ready to rejoice and spontaneously begin chanting, “Woot! Woot! Woot!” because for the first time ever, the original daily deals site is hosting ‘Prime Member Appreciation Week.’ From February 25 to March 2, Prime members will score exclusive deals on all sorts of stuff on Woot.com… like webcams, Kindles, rechargeable toothbrushes and much more. Who wouldn’t want to read a best-seller, watch their cat in the kitchen, and get their teeth squeaky clean at the same time!?! WHO I ASK YOU?!?

That’s not all though! In addition to crazy great deals, Prime members shopping on Woot.com will have a chance to partake in Woot-Offs (gauntlets of unannounced deals) and might even be lucky enough to get their hands on one of Woot!’s infamous ‘Bags of Crap’ (or BOCs, as Woot! calls ’em). A random collection of stuff shoved into a box and sent to you, BOCs have included a single shoe, rubber duckies, a giant metal rooster, brand new headphones, shirts, and even the occasional laptop. You never know what you might get, just like in life. Wow, we are getting deep. Woot-Offs and BOCs are hard to come by, even for the most dedicated Wooter, so you’ll want to obsessively check Woot.com so that you don’t miss the super-cheap prices and limited offers (but hey, that’s just our advice).

So if you feel like bargain hunting this week, go to Woot! and link your Amazon Prime account and see what deals come your way!

Woot! is the original daily deals site, founded in 2004 and snatched up by Amazon in 2010. Originally, Woot! offered just one product per day until it sold out. Today, Woot! offers special daily deals and other limited-time offers across seven categories, including computers, electronics, home and sporting goods, plus original t-shirts, on Woot.com.

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