Simply Earth Essential Oil’s December Recipe Box makes a GREAT Christmas Gift | Order Now and get a Bonus Box and $20 Gift Card!


One of my favorite things about Simply Earth (besides their incredibly affordable essential oil prices without the MLM scheme) is their monthly recipe boxes!

I’m so excited about the December box!  It comes with the ingredients to make homemade natural bath bombs.  And it would make a GREAT Christmas gift!   Either the box itself – or the bath bombs you can make from it!

Here’s what’s in the December Recipe Box (available to purchase from the Simply Earth website NOW  until supplies run out!)

Make sure you use code BETTERLIFE and you’ll get a BONUS BOX and a $20 gift card to spend on your next purchase.

So basically, you can spend $39 on the December recipe box to give as a gift, and if you use code BETTERLIFE you’ll get a Bonus Box and a $20 gift card to spend on yourself!  It’s a win/win!

This video is about the October Recipe Box BUT I also show you what comes in the Bonus Box too because October was when I got my first recipe box AND my Bonus Box!

Are you interested in buying pure, quality, essential oils but turned off by MLM companies?  Well I have the solution for you!

Welcome to Simply Earth!

I thought that outside of one of the MLM essential oil companies, I couldn’t get pure oils from a trustworthy company.  Simply Earth has proven me wrong!  They offer the same commitment to 100% purity as the MLM companies do.  And they do it for a fraction of the price!

And to top it off, every month they give 13% of their profits to organizations fighting to end human trafficking.  If I were going to pick a company to partner with based on their charitable donations, I have found my company.

So here on my blog, my name is my motto, “Saving toward a better life…”   Here’s how Simply Earth is going to help me (and you!) stay true to that motto:

  • 100% pure oils at a lower, fairer price for everyone (no more MLM!) – SAVING me and you money while still allowing us to benefit from great natural products!
  • Referral credit puts CASH in your pocket!  Try the oils and when you love them you can refer friends and family!  No fees to sign up, no set $$ to spend to “get started” and no monthly minimum sales required to earn referral cash.
  • The benefit of treating yourself, your family and your home NATURALLY – that’s a BETTER life for me and you!
  •  13% to end human trafficking – that’s a better life for someone else!

Make sure you don’t miss any Simply Earth updates!


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