“Beardaments”, Yes, Beard Ornaments, They’re a thing and you know someone who needs them!

If you’re going to grow a gigantic bush on your face, you might as well decorate it for Christmas!  Chances are you know someone who needs these for Christmas!

Beardaments created these fun beard baubles with built-in mini clips that let you quickly attach them to your mustache, beard, or hair for a unique look that’s sure to put you on Santa’s nice list.

Beardaments Beard Ornaments, 12pc Colorful Christmas Facial Hair Baubles for Men in the Holiday Spirit – $9.99 and FREE shipping!  Order now to get them in time for ALL your holiday festivities!

The mini-clips built in to every beard ornament is designed to hold them firmly to your beard, mustache or sideburns with minimal effort. This makes them ideal for attaching them to short or long facial hair so men of all ages and hair growths can get involved!

Beard ornaments are a fun gift to go along with that ugly Christmas sweater, and make a great addition to any man who wants to show off this holiday season.

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