Walmart Online Grocery Pickup – Save $10 off $50 purchase! Find out how!

Walmart Grocery Pick Up has come to ANOTHER Walmart near me. The three closest Walmart stores to me now have pick up. So no matter what direction I need to go in, I can add grocery pick up to my errands!

Tried out the pick up at the new store today and it was top-notch! This one might become my go-to regularly if they keep up this level of service.

I’ve got a link for you to get $10 off your first pick up order of at least $50! Click here to get a code for $10 off your first order to save time and money!

There are ZERO additional fees associated with Walmart Grocery Pickup!!

It’s worth it for everyone to try it once with the $10 off your first order – because that’s a savings of $10!!  Not to mention the money you save from not going into the store and getting things you don’t need while you’re in there.  ;)

AND you can still use Walmart’s Savings Catcher after your purchase for even more savings!

I like to purchase store brand items, things I don’t have coupons on and items I know Walmart has a good price on.  So even without “coupons” I feel like I still did a good job saving!  Plus, with $10 off your first orde– that’s just $10 in FREE groceries!

Plus, with my first order, I got a cute bag full of free items!  $10 savings and free items!  Why wouldn’t you try it??

Place your online grocery order  and save $10 off your first order of $50 or more!  Click here to get your $10 off code and get started! 


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