BIG Changes to Walmart Savings Catcher starting 10/29/18

Change is inevitable.  And it looks like there are some big ones coming to Walmart’s Savings Catcher program.

Savings Catcher will now only be redeemable if you use Walmart Pay at checkout.  You as of October 29, 2018, you will no longer scan paper receipts into Savings Catcher.   Savings Catcher will match prices on receipts digitally and automatically when Walmart Pay is used.


We don’t know.  It could be because under the current system it’s too easy to scan in receipts that aren’t yours.  (Found in the parking lot, etc.)  Or it could be to prevent people from using Savings Catcher and other rebate apps.  When you pay with Walmart Pay you don’t get a paper receipt which means it will submit to Savings Catcher but you won’t have a receipt to use with Ibotta or Checkout51 or any other rebate app.

The why is not that important though.  How it affects us and how we shop is.  Here are some concerns brought about by the new changes.

Issue: Having to link a debit or credit card to your Walmart Pay app.
Solution: Don’t.  I don’t plan on using Walmart Pay.  If it means I can’t use Savings Catcher, then so be it.  Savings Catcher is not a big money maker for me because when I go to Walmart, I’m getting precise items that I have coupons and/or rebates on.  That saves me more than Savings Catcher does.
There is also another workaround to this in the next issue’s solution…

Issue: Not getting a paper receipt to use with other apps.
If you DON’T link a payment option (debit or credit card) to your Walmart Pay account you can still scan the code at checkout and when there is no payment option found, you will complete your payment at the register and be issued a paper receipt for it and it SHOULD still register the purchase with Savings Catcher to be matched.
This currently works but we don’t know if that will change after October 29th.

Issue:  Not being able to redeem Savings Catcher with your Walmart Online Grocery Pickup orders.
I don’t have one yet.  Currently, you have to use the TC# from your email confirmation after pick up.  Until the changes are official, I won’t know if there is a way to still submit that number.



I will be re-doing my posts and how-to videos on Savings Catcher once the change has happened and we really understand what’s going on.


Walmart’s Savings Catcher is a really easy way to save money but a lot of people don’t use it even though they shop at Walmart!  Here’s a video that explains it all so you can use it!

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Here is an update to guide you through the app update (it looks a little different) and how to redeem your Savings Catcher money with Walmart Pay.

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