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What are your Lifetime Earnings from Fetch Rewards (I’m at $43)

by Tabitha @ Saving Toward A Better Life on September 17, 2018 · 0 comments

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If you’ve updated your Fetch Rewards App, you’ll notice you can now see your lifetime earnings.  I’ve been using the app for less than a year but it’s as easy as just scanning your receipt after you shop.  You don’t even have to give any thought to what offers are available (unless you just want to know).  It matches the offers automatically.  No matching brands or offers?  No worries – you still get points just for scanning your receipt!

My lifetime points are 43,232 (and that doesn’t count the points I got for scanning 3 receipts last night).  Which comes out to $43 in rewards from their rewards store.  (I cash mine out in the form of Amazon gift cards!)

I posted a few months about about Fetch Rewards.  I’m still using it and still loving it!  You can add it to your phone by going to your app store and searching for it and downloading it.    Be sure to put in  NJ0MU (that’s a zero in the middle)  when it asks for a referral code.  You’ll get 1500 points which is halfway to a reward of a $3 gift card to Amazon, Target or CVS! 

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use it but if you prefer to read, keep scrolling past the video.

What’s so great about Fetch Rewards?  

Well, here’s the thing about Fetch Rewards.  There’s no studying product labels to make sure you get the right size or flavor that’s eligible for the rebate.

Fetch Rewards rewards you just for buying certain BRANDS.  Any item made by one of the 157 brands (currently) on the Fetch Rewards app will get you points!

You can browse the brands to see what you can earn points on.  Or just shop normally and scan your receipt when you’re done and let the app “fetch” your points for you!

You have 14 days to scan a receipt – great for people like me that usually forget!   :/

Plus, you can get bonus points for “Special Offers” too!   Browse the special offers section for specific products that are offering bonus points.


Don’t forget to put in  NJ0MU (that’s a zero in the middle)  when it asks for a referral code so you’ll start out with 1500 points!

You can start redeeming points at just 3000 points for $3 gift cards to Target, Amazon, Panera Bread and CVS!  5000 points will get you a $5 gift card to all those places plus more options like Chili’s, Dunkin Donuts, Regal, Toys ‘R Us, Walmart, Whole Foods, iTunes and lots more!   10,000 points is a $10 giftcard, 25,000 is $25 and 50,000 is $50.  More and more gift card options as the points categories go up too!  I saw Build-a-Bear, Aeropostale, The Cheesecake Factory, Babies ‘R Us, Applebees, Bed Bath and Beyond, Bass Pro, Barnes and Nobles, Best Buy, Captain D’s, California Pizza Kitchen and lots lots more!


Find “Fetch Rewards” in the App Store on your phone and don’t forget to put in  NJ0MU (that’s a zero in the middle)  when it asks for a referral code for your 1,500 points!

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