National CHEESE Pizza Day | September 5, 2018

Pizza is wildly popular.  Obviously.  Because pizza (sometimes even specific flavors!) has it’s own national day, week and month – none of which coincide. September 5, 2018, is National CHEESE Pizza Day!  (National Pizza Week was back in January, but National Pizza Day is February 9th, there is a National Pizza PARTY Day in May and National Pizza Month isn’t until October).

Are there any deals for National Cheese Pizza Day?

Little Caesars 

$5 Hot-N-Ready Cheese and Pepperoni Pizzas all day, every day.



I feel like there should be more deals but that’s all I could find!  If I come across anything else, I’ll update!



If you want a different spin on traditional pizza this week, try my family’s favorite Pizza Casserole!


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