So How Much DID I Spend at Publix Last Night?

So you might have seen on my Facebook page where I posted my Publix shopping cart from last night.  Hopefully you commented!  I ask everyone how much they think my cart cost me.  If you haven’t commented yet, go on over to Facebook and comment before you read the rest of this post!

Ok, so if NONE of this stuff had been on sale, everything would have cost $84.57.  But who buys things not on sale?  That’s just silly!  So sale prices saved me $22.24 right off the top.

But $62.33 is still too much for what’s in this cart!  So let’s keep deducting.

Coupons at the register saved me $7.32.

So out of my pocket at the register I spent $55.01.


$55.01 is even STILL too much to pay!

That’s where the rebate apps come in!

Cash Back from Ibotta: $16.25

Cash Back from Checkout51: $1.25

Fetch Rewards Points: 295 = $2.95

So that’s $20.45 in CASH BACK AFTER THE FACT!

Final cost to me — $34.56!!

That’s $50 less than a person NOT buying items on sale would spend.

And a person that shops sales but doesn’t utilize coupons and cash back apps?   It would have cost them $28 MORE to purchase everything above!

Check out this post to see the breakdown of the four BEST deals in my cart!

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