National Coast Guard Day – August 4, 2018 | Celebrate with LEGO Coast Guard Sets

photo credit: United States Coast Guard

August 4, 2018 is National Coast Guard Day.  This is a day set aside to celebrate and honor the courageous work of the Coast Guard.

The United States Coast Guard is one of the five US Armed Forces. It is a maritime, military and multi-missioned service. It operates under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime but can be transferred to the US Navy by the President of the United States any time deemed necessary, or by Congress during war times.


If you know someone serving in the Coast Guard, be sure to give them a special Thank You today!

This year, the Coast Guard turns 228 years old.   The LEGO Group has an entire lineup of Coast Guard inspired sets that include fun maritime items like a sea plane, speedboat, Coast Guard ship, helicopters, and even wildlife like sharks and octopi!

The full line-up for the Coast Guard inspired sets include:

1)      Coast Guard Starter Set (76 pieces; Ages 5+)

2)      Sea Plane Rescue (141 pieces; Ages 5+)

3)      4×4 Response Unit (347 pieces; Ages 5+)

4)      Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter (415 pieces; Ages 6+)

5)      Coast Guard Headquarters (792 pieces; Ages 6+)

I know my little LEGO lover (who has a birthday coming up) would enjoy any of these sets!  Be sure to check them out before you buy for your LEGO enthusiast!


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