WowWee Untamed Raptors Interactive Dinosaur Toy $14.84

This year, WowWee (the creators of those Fingerlings) have come out with something else for the world to go batty over.

May I present to you….


Fury the Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings – Interactive Dinosaur

I mean, who wouldn’t want their own dinosaur that sits on their finger??  Last year everyone wanted monkeys, unicorns and sloths.  So why not dinosaurs this year?

  • Fury is my name. I’m fast and furious – Tame me if you dare!
  • Reacts to sound, motion, and touch
  • Wild roars, chomping jaws, and even a little dino gas
  • Grips onto your finger and fiercely loyal
  • Batteries included; Additional colors sold separately

Yes, that’s right, additional colors sold separately!  There are actually FOUR Untamed Raptors to choose from!

Blaze (Orange) Untamed Raptor

Stealth (Green) Untamed Raptor

Razor (Purple) Untamed Raptor

There is a near-abundant supply of them in your choice of the four colors at the reasonable price of $14.84

In five months, there will be a shortage of these and everyone will be going bonkers trying to get one for Christmas.  They won’t be on store shelves and people will be selling them out of their trunks for $30 or more.

I’m trying to save you some grief.  BUY ONE NOW.

And guess what, if December rolls around and your kid sees a commercial for these and says, “Ugh, I NEVER want one of those!” – you can sell yours.*

*Statements above are merely my predictions.  I don’t have a crystal ball into the “hot toys for Christmas” world.  But I’ve been in this rodeo for a while and this toy has all the markers for a “Christmas-craze”.  

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