Stop Sharing Fake Coupons on Facebook | There is no $150 Dollar General Coupon

This is going around on Facebook.  Stop!  Just STOP it!

Seriously, do you think any grocery retailer is going to put out a coupon for $150 off???  I am all about coupons and saving money and there are some GREAT savings out there to be had.  BUT YOU GUYS, have you ever heard “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”?  THAT applies to THIS.

Let’s break it down a little more.  Here’s a screen shot of the entire post.

Ok, so if the fact that it’s for $150 off doesn’t raise any red flags, ask yourself this…  Where is all the details?  Where is all the fine print?  All coupons come with fine print.  The wording (and errors) do not sound like a carefully crafted promotion by a company.

Look at who posted it.  That’s just a random person.  It’s not posted by Dollar General.  So if you Like and Share and Comment – who is going to know?  Not Dollar General.  Do you think this random person can send you a coupon??

This is a phishing scam just like the fake Disney vacation giveaways on Facebook.  They’re looking for gullible people.  Don’t be one.


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