Ibotta July Boost Bonuses

It’s July Boost time at Ibotta!  I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this.  Sorry for the late notice!  If you have some offers to redeem, do it tonight!  12 offers redeemed before 1:59AM EST on 7/15 will get you an extra $2 in the Ibotta July Boost #1.

Then for purchase made after 10am EST on 7/13/18 will count toward the July Boost #2!  You will get an extra $3.00 for redeeming 12 offers!  You do not have to get bonus #1 to be eligible for bonus #2 so even if you miss out on #1 you can get #2!

And usually these monthly boosts comes in threes so I would be watching over the next day or two for a THIRD Boost!

Plus, all the offers redeemed for the Boost count toward your July Teamwork Bonus too! 

Not an Ibotta member?  Sign up here and you’ll be a part of my “team”!  With over 100 people on my team, we reach the team requirements every month.  Which means FREE money for you if you meet the personal requirements!

Confused by Ibotta?  Never fear!  Here’s a step-by-step video I made on how to use it.  Including how to make sense of all the bonuses!





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