When Big Business Acts Like Big Jerks *Update* / My Story Dealing with Windstream #windstreamarejerks

If you’ve missed part one of this saga, you can catch up HERE.  

If you want the brief recap…

  • I’ve been paying for service for years that I have not been receiving.
  • Because I (and many others) demanded to be served the service I’m paying for, they blocked my account – the weekend before a court hearing in which the judge was going to rule on if they could actually block accounts.
  • And they expect me to still pay the bill on the service I’m not receiving.  (More on that later)

We won the court order saying that Windstream can’t turn off our service because we are in arbitration.  Because, duh, you can’t do that.

(It even says in their Terms of Service that they won’t turn off service if we are in arbitration with them – but clearly they aren’t keen about following their own rules at the moment).

The court told Windstream to turn our service back on as soon as possible.  This was on a Tuesday at noon.

By midday Wednesday, our attorney petitioned the judge to give them a deadline otherwise they would drag it out.  Judge said by 5pm Friday.  (If you’re keeping up – that’s one week after they turned it off to begin with.)

I was one of the first to get service restored – and it was Thursday afternoon.

So they waited until the absolute last possible moment to start turning accounts back on.

In light of the court ruling, I’m going to call and see if they still expect me to pay for the 6 days I was without service.  Because when I spoke to them the Monday after they turned my service off, they said I still had to pay the full bill. 

Also, I’m due an update from my attorney on the arbitration.  I’m not going to hold my breath that anything is going to happen soon.  Windstream has already made one low-ball offer.  I expect their next one to be low too.




Windstream has now spent, and is continuing to spend, a lot of money to fight their own customers to not have to provide the service customers are paying for.  Instead of just using that money to FIX their systems and deliver what they advertise.

I hope your brain just said, “That’s CRAZY!”.  Because it is.


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