Toys ‘R Us Liquidation Sale Update: Credit/Debit Cards Only Accept in the Final Few Days!


This is it everyone.  Toys ‘R Us is in it’s final days!  All stores are closing on or before Friday, June 29th.

Items are discount 70%, 80% or 90%.

I was there yesterday but I didn’t take pictures so the pictures below are from last week.

But my visit confirmed what I thought:

If it was 50% off last week, it’ll be 70% this week.  If it was 60% last week, it’ll be 80% this week.  Last week’s 70% should be this week’s 90%.

There is really hardly anything left but a few deals to be had if you’re willing to dig for them!

Also – stores are only accepting credit/debit cards now.  No cash.  No checks.

They are moving all the stock that’s left to the front of the stores and blocking off the empty spaces.  So nothing is where it is “supposed” to be.  Fortunately, which just a few aisles to look through it doesn’t take long to see if they have what you’re looking for.

Everything 50-70% off. Most all toys were 50-60% (limited few were 60%). Apparel was 60% off.

Plenty of Star Wars toys around for 50% off.

For some reason, all the Incredibles movie toys are 60% off even though most toys were 50%.

What little Fisher-Price Imaginext stuff that was left was 50% off.

BUT I know what everyone wants to know is….what about LEGO??

Our store was completely out of LEGO,

And Thomas the Train items.

These packs of play sand were priced at $.19 each.  I thought they would make a fun party favor!!

Fingerlings are 50% off – making them $7.50 – but my store only had the TRU Exclusive Baby Unicorn left.

Did you manage to find any deals and steals at the Toys ‘R Us closing sales?

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