*HOT DEAL* Building Block Tape 5 Pack $8.19! (compatible with LEGO) | We love this stuff!

If the LEGO-lover in your household doesn’t have some of this Building Block Tape, you MUST get them some!

G got a couple rolls in his Christmas stocking.  He stuck his to the wall and keeps his favorite minifigures on it so he doesn’t lose them.

The possibilities really are endless with this stuff and he’s been begging for more rolls!

Amazon has a 5 roll pack of Mayka Toy Block Tape for $8.19!  It’s 6 feet per roll and 30 feet total and this is a great price!  (If I remember correctly, I paid $6.99 for 2 rolls and they were only maybe 4 feet per roll).

Do you have Building Block Tape?  I’d love to see how your kids use it!

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