8 Ways the Library Can Save You Money | National Library Week April 2018

April 8th thru 14th, 2018 is National Library Week (our local library is forgiving fines up to $5 because of it!) Also this week, Tuesday, April 10th, is National Library Workers Day.  (My post from the holiday, Gift Ideas for Librarians, might provide you with some ideas to say thank you to the librarians you know!)

In honor of all the book-loving happening during National Library Week, I wanted to bring you 8 Ways the Library Can Save You Money.

WE LOVE THE LIBRARY!  Do you love the library?  If you don’t, let me give you some reasons why you should!  Using the library is a great way to save money!

8 Ways the Library Can Save You Money

1. It’s a bookstore you don’t have to pay for.

If you enjoy reading, use your library!  Save money by not buying books!

2. Read your favorite magazines at the library.

Don’t spend your money on magazine subscriptions or buying them at the newsstand!   Your library likely has your favorite magazine that you can check out.  Bonus – you don’t have a magazine taking up space when you’re done with it.  You get to return it!

3. Borrow a movie for FREE!

Our library has a great selection of DVDs – all available to borrow for a week for FREE!  That’s better than the Redbox!

4. Free Music too!

You can check out CDs from the library also!

5. Audiobooks and eBooks

In addition to physical books to read, having a library card gives you access to ebooks and audiobooks you can download to your device and take with you!

6. Free Wi-Fi

This is pretty standard in most libraries now.

7. Free Classes

Our libraries host a variety of free classes ranging from educational to helpful to fun – for both adults and kids!

8. Special Events

Participate in the special events at your library!  Ours has summer reading programs with weekly activities and shows for the kids.  Once, they had a spring read-a-thon where every book your read got you an entry into a drawing.  Each department (childrens/teen/adult) had a seperate drawing and my son won in the childrens!  He got a $25 Books-a-Million gift card!

How does your library save you money or make your life a little better?



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