Don’t Google Your Next Coupon Code, “Spot” it with Dealspotr, the most accurate Coupon Code Site

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Where do you go when you need a coupon code? Do you currently start your search for a coupon code on Google?  That usually ends up being time consuming and not always successful, right?

What if I told you you could save more money, spend less time searching, (and even MAKE MONEY!)  by starting your search with Dealspotr instead?

Here are 11 reasons why you should start every coupon search on Dealspotr instead of Google.

1. Dealspotr has more working codes and fewer expired ones than RetailMeNot (and other sites)

Dealspotr is an ultra-reliable tool that works to find you the working coupon you want.

They’ve achieved better coverage and accuracy in coupon codes than RetailMeNot. What this means for you is that you can find a working code or deal for whatever you’re shopping for more quickly and easily on Dealspotr than any other site.

2. Coupons and codes are posted by real people like me (and you!)

On Dealspotr, every coupon has a face. Dealspotr members are shoppers just like you who love deals, and they earn points, reputation, and gift cards for curating and editing the database of deals.

On Dealspotr, every deal is posted alongside a friendly face, a helpful screenshot, and a useful comment from the member who posted the deal.  See me on Dealspotr?  There I am! 

3.  Dealspotr shows you screenshots of every deal working

On many coupon sites, it’s hard to tell if the codes they post are real or outdated or maybe even fake.

On Dealspotr, just about every deal or promo code we post is accompanied with a screenshot that demonstrates that the code works. This way you can be assured that all the codes are real, plus you can see where to enter the code and get some context around using the deal.

Even better, you can often see multiple people have validated each deal, so you can see the code working for different products.

4.  Dealspotr is the only site where you earn points, reputation, and gift cards for sharing deals

Dealspotr is so complete and accurate because our members (like me and you) earn points, reputation, and gift cards for editing the deals.

Think of yourself as a Wikipedia editor, except you earn points for making helpful edits.  Those points can be cashed in for gift cards!

5.  Dealspotr shows you how likely every deal is to work

Coupons are complicated. Expiration dates are not exact, and sometimes codes don’t work as advertised. On Dealspotr,  a simple health meter measures dozens of factors about each deal, and gives you an easy visual indication of how likely that deal is to work.

Pro tip: sometimes even deals with medium to low health bars will work! So if you’re REALLY looking for that working code, don’t be afraid to try codes further down the page, you may end up stumbling on one that works.

6. Dealspotr shows you a visual coupon timeline for every store

On Dealspotr, you can quickly get a sense for how often a store provides coupons and promo codes.

By opening the “view timeline” link at the top right corner of any store’s page on Dealspotr  you can see a visual timeline of when that store had coupons available, whether codes, printables, or sales. You can also see the last times various community members checked that store to find new deals.

7.  Dealspotr even has single-use codes

For select merchants, c ommunity members can post single-use codes that retailers email to them personally. These codes are only good for one use, so they expire quickly. For certain stores, like Sears for example, that don’t offer very many site-wide codes, the single-use codes posted on Dealspotr are a unique way to get a discount when you need one.

Pro tip: Also, if you have single-use codes from any merchant that you’re not planning to use, upload them to Dealspotr and earn points!

8. Dealspotr shows personal invite codes from members

In addition to single-use codes, for select merchants,  community members can upload their own personal referral codes. These invite codes typically provide the person who shared the code with a commission or gift if used, but more importantly, they can offer you as a shopper a discount on your purchase.

9.  On Dealspotr, you can see which 3rd party merchants are offering discounts on what you’re buying

Say you’re shopping for a pair of Nike shoes, and you find that does not currently offer any discounts.

On Dealspotr, you can search by brand (in this example, Nike) and see 3rd party stores that sell Nike products who ARE offering current codes you can use for discounts on Nike items. Dealspotr is the only coupon site in the industry that does this.

10.  Dealspotr shows you answers to frequently asked questions about saving money at each store

Does Kohl’s offer free shipping all the time? Does Walmart have a daily deals page? Does Nordstrom offer members-only discounts?

On Dealspotr you can find answers to these commonly asked questions for thousands of stores.

11.  Dealspotr doesn’t take shortcuts

If you’ve noticed that while shopping online, you run into A LOT of expired or invalid coupon codes, it’s because there are some less professionally-run sites that take shortcuts when it comes to publishing deals. It is difficult and expensive to post coupons the right way, testing and verifying them frequently. Sadly, some sites use shortcuts such as leaving very old coupons posted up, disguising them as working ones.

Dealspotr doesn’t take shortcuts.  It’s  community-run, and the community members work as a team to ensure that any non-working coupons are removed from the site.


Take Dealspotr for a test spin. Check out the coupons for your favorite stores. Check out the validations and screenshots and coupon timelines.   Maybe even try posting a deal or making a validation to earn points (and then cash out a gift card!)  But next time you’re on the hunt for a coupon or code, start with Dealspotr to #FindYourDeal!