FREE (+possible money maker) on Dannon Light+Fit Greek Yogurt (multiple stores)

I redeemed this offer from Ibotta last week, and surprisingly, the offer reset in my Ibotta app so I could redeem again!  And when I went back to Publix tonight, Dannon yogurts were on sale for $1!  So I made $.25 off this offer!

I got this deal at Publix, but the Ibotta offer spans multiple stores so you’ll be able to pick up FREE yogurt wherever you shop.  Price may vary from store to store, but since Ibotta is offering $1.25 back, I would expect it to be around that everywhere.

Also, I got the full $1.25 back even though my purchase price was lower than that.

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Zero – $1.25
redeem $1.25 cash back from Ibotta

Plus, this counts towards your January Teamwork Bonus too! 



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