Instacart: New Customers get $10 off their first order & free delivery!

Just a reminder, if you haven’t checked to see if Instacart is delivering in your area, you really should!  I have had two wonderful experiences using Instacart since it became available near me.  Once, I placed my order late one evening for delivery between 11am-12pm the next day.  I got a text shortly before 11 that “James” had begun shopping for my order.  By 11:45, James was knocking on my door with my bags of groceries.  Which was fantastic, considering I’m 25 minutes from the store.  Shoutout to James!  #youdabest!

Sign up here and get $10 off your first order and free delivery ($35 minimum order). 

I am SO excited Instacart is now in my area.  I just had my first order of groceries delivered right to my door!  I live “outside of town” so I didn’t think this would ever be a service I could get.  But I can!   And I want to share it with YOU!  New Instacart customers can sign up here and get $10 off their first order and free delivery ($35 minimum order). 

How Instacart works: Customers go online to or open the Instacart mobile app (be sure to use code THANNER132 to get $10 off!) on their iPhone or Android device, select their city/store, add items to a virtual cart, then choose a delivery window (within one hour, within two hours, or up to seven days in advance) and check out. An Instacart shopper accepts the order on his/her smartphone, uses the Instacart shopper app to guide them through shopping, and then delivers the order to the customer in the designated delivery timeframe.


Don’t forget to try Instacart for yourself.    Sign up here and get $10 off your first order and free delivery ($35 minimum order).  Save yourself some money…and time.  And time is money.