Brilliant Gift Idea for LEGO Brick Building Fanatics – BRICK LOOT Subscription

What do you get a LEGO lover for Christmas when you don’t know which sets they have and which they don’t have?

You get them a subscription box from Brick Loot.


Because every month, Brick Loot sends out a different box of LEGOs and these are not the sets you buy at the store!


Now I understand what it is that Brick Loot does!   They have their OWN team of designers creating sets using LEGO and LEGO-compatible pieces.  Then they print the instructions, package them and send them out!  Each month’s box is different!

Brick Loot sent us the November box to check out.  It came with TWO LEGO builds (the candy shop and the cotton candy cart), a minifigure and a LEGO bricks candy tray so we can make our own LEGO shaped candies!  How fun!

G was super excited!  In fact he even took the “finished product” photos (below) for me when he was finished, “to use when you tell people how cool this is”, he said.  (He vaguely understands what it is I do.  LOL)  I think I need to put him on the payroll because he staged the photo beautifully!

Isn’t that adorable?  He’s already talking about what he wants to be in the December box!

And YOU can give the gift of Brick Loot  for Christmas!   When you give a Brick Loot subscription, you know that the recipient will be getting a unique gift that they don’t already have and can’t get in stores because each month’s Brick Loot box is something NEW!

My readers get exclusive savings too!  Save 12% off your subscription with code “usfamily12” at checkout!

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