Amazon Prime Pantry: 25% off hundreds of items and save $7 on your next order (ends soon!)

If you’ve been around here any amount of time, you know how I love my Prime Pantry!  And Black Friday week is a great time to grab a Prime Pantry order!  Here’s how:

Shipping on a Prime Pantry box is $5.99 but the Buy 5, Save $6 covers the shipping (they used to offer buy 5 and get free shipping so it’s basically the same offer…)

Plus they are running 25% off lots of Prime Pantry items this week for an even bigger savings!

Welcome to Prime Pantry!!  Get those things you need from the comfort of your own home (and have them shipped FREE to boot!) 

I’m not sure why but the free shipping on one box with 5 select items ($5.99 value) is now Buy 5 select items and save $6.00.

It’s practically the same offer but now you’re saving $6 off your order total and then you’ll be charged the $5.99 for shipping.

As with the previous promo, you add at least 5 of the qualifying offers to your box, fill your box up with whatever else you want, and you get the discount automatically at checkout.

This month’s qualifying items to choose from include breakfast, snacks, beverages, laundry, baking skin care, baby care and much more! Plus one thing I love about the Prime Pantry items is that sometimes there are coupons you can clip right on Amazon for them!  A lot of prices are as good or better than I can get at the store anyway and a coupon is just icing on the cake!  So be sure to look out for those extra coupons!

Just add 5 items from this page (there are hundreds of items to choose from to that qualify  so you won’t have any trouble!) and then fill your box up the rest of the way with any other Prime Pantry items you want and you’ll save $6.00!



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