My First Walmart Online Grocery Order Plus $10 off $50 for YOU!

In select areas, Walmart is now offering grocery pick up!  Order online, set a time to pick up your order, and they bring your order right out to the car to you!   You can schedule a time to pick up your groceries!  They do they hard part!

This just recently started at the closest store to me.  I was really in need of some things but we had a very busy weekend and Mondays are insane days for us.  So I thought, well, I’ll be near that Walmart on Monday.  I’ll place an order to pick up on the way home to get the things I just have to have.  With the $10 off your first order I’ll save a little money and it’ll probably be worth it for the time I’ll save.

I placed my order Sunday night before I went to bed.  I picked it up at 3:00 Monday afternoon.  It was great.  I can’t even put a price on the time and energy I saved myself.  I park.  They bring the groceries out and put them in my car.  It’s amazing.

This isn’t something I would necessarily do all the time.  But today it was worth it.

In fact, I think it’s worth it for everyone to try it once with the $10 off your first order – because that’s a savings of $10!!  Not to mention the money you save from not going into the store and getting things you don’t need while you’re in there.  ;)

I purchased store brand items, things I didn’t have coupons on and items I knew Walmart had a good price on.  So even without “coupons” I feel like I still did a good job saving – and on top of that I got $10 off!

Plus, I got a cute bag full of free items for my first order!

Place your online grocery order  and save $10 off your first order of $50 or more!  Click here to get your $10 off code and get started! 

You can’t use coupons BUT you can redeem cash back from all the cashback apps like Ibotta, SavingStar, Mobisave and Checkout51!  So you can save a little more!  Plus, the $10 off a $50 purchase is a great incentive too!

What do you think about grocery delivery service?  Would you try it?


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