Roundup of National Talk Like a Pirate Day Deals for 9/19/17


Arrrgh! Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19, 2017!    I love fun days like this!  Who is ready to swab the deck and hoist the mainstay and all those other piratey things?

Don’t forget, you can change your Facebook language to PIRATE too!  Here’s how.

If you’re at all curious how Talk Like a Pirate Day started (’tis a pretty funny tale) click here.

Ok so here’s what you need to know about FREEbies on September 19th – but keep checking back because it will be updated! 

Krispy Kreme

Everyone’s beloved doughnut shop is apparently NOT participating in Talk Like a Pirate Day this year (SHAME!)

Long John Silver’s

Free deep fried Twinkie for everyone who talks like a pirate!


Last year, Swagbucks had a big Swagbucks Extravarrrrganza for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  So I will let you know if they are doing anything else this year.

Be sure to check out THIS LIST for fun Pirate Activities for kids for Talk Like A Pirate Day! 




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