Can You Really Save Money with a Healthcare Savings Card?

Can you really save money with a healthcare savings card?

A sponsored post written on behalf of SingleCare.

The short answer to the above question is yes. Yes you can save money with a healthcare savings card.

The most important thing to know about a prescription savings card – it should never cost you money to have the card.  Nope, not a dime.  SingleCare is a healthcare savings card program that is absolutely free to use.  You are only responsible for the cost of your doctor visit or prescription at the SingleCare price.  There are no membership fees or premiums to pay to be a SingleCare card holder.

Who can save money with a healthcare savings card?

Well, another short answer would be, YOU.  You can.  Anyone can.   SingleCare is not insurance but instead a way to make healthcare more affordable for those who pay out-of-pocket. This typically means lower costs comparable to what an insurance company would pay  (because you know when you have insurance, they never pay the full amount – the healthcare provider accepts a lower payout from the insurance company than what they charge you.  It’s crazy, I know). And while you can’t use SingleCare in conjunction with health insurance, you can use it for out of pocket costs.

Where can you use a healthcare savings card?

This varies by card.  SingleCare members save money when they fill a prescription using their SingleCare card, accepted nationwide at over 35,000 pharmacies, including Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Harris Teeter, Duane Reade, Longs Drugs and Fry’s

Members can also save when they visit a SingleCare dentist, optometrist, or have an online doctor visit.  Yes!  SingleCare members have access to virtual, on-demand doctor’s visits – no waiting rooms!

How do prescription savings cards work?

Singlecare is able to provide members with access to great doctors at great prices, with savings typically available only to insurance companies because of their partnerships with healthcare providers.  Before even stepping foot in the office, members of SingleCare can estimate the cost of the visit or prescription. You will know your total cost upfront – no hidden surprises or bills after-the-fact!


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