3 Tips for Buying a Car that will save you Thousands

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Can I talk to you about car buying for a moment?  We’ve purchased two cars in less than four months….not because we wanted too but because my van was totaled in an accident and the transmission went out in my husband’s car.  I’ve always thought (and still do) that car shopping is a headache!

But you can lessen the headache slightly with these car buying tips from Cars.com!

Buying a car can be tricky, and people selling cars can take advantage of you very easily. (It’s unfortunate that that is the case, but it is!)

1. Research

You can’t make the right purchase without knowing the facts about the make, model and price of your car. Over the years, I have found that Cars.com is a great resource to learning about your potential purchase. Their website has a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase.

Their Videos & Reviews feature provides extensive reviews and essential information about a wide variety of different cars. And most importantly, they give it to you straight without sugar coating or hiding the bad reviews of cars. If something is poorly rated, hasn’t performed well or not a good purchase, they aren’t afraid to tell you. Because of this, I recommend you begin your car research here.


2. Shop Around
Another important tip is to NOT stick with one dealer. Though dealers can stock huge selections at different prices, it doesn’t mean their prices are industry competitive. Because of this, I recommend visiting other dealers and researching similar cars you are interested in to get a baseline price for the vehicle. Visiting other dealers will give you an understanding of what you should be paying, and therefore get you the best price.

This is even more important if you are shopping for a used car – which we always do.  And when it comes to used cars, selection, features and prices can vary WIDELY.  Visiting other dealers and looking at competing prices will result in your car being the right price because you have an idea of what the car you are looking for is really worth.  When I was shopping for my van, I found vans identical to the one I ended up getting with 50,000+ more miles on it than the one I ended up getting for $5000-$6000 more than I ended up paying.   I got a better van for less price because I shopped around.


3. Take Your Time to Find the Car that is right for YOU

There are so many cars out there with thousands of different features. It is important to take your time when buying a car. Look at the cars and find what is right for you.  What you think is right, may not be after you’ve looked at several cars.  When we had to shop for my husband’s car, we went out looking for a Camry or an Accord, but after looking and comparing and test driving, we ended up with a PT Cruiser!  That kind of car wasn’t even on our radar but because we were open to trying it, we found that it was exactly what we needed.

Rushing a car purchase will leave you overpaying and under-satisfied. Whether you are looking for a brand new sports car or a used
compact car, taking your time on the purchase will pay off. There are so many different brands, models, editions and more of cars out there, so taking your time to learn about each of these will only improve your purchase satisfaction.
These simple tips will help you save big and find the right car for you. It is important to do your research, utilize different resources, know your stuff and take your time when car shopping.

Doing something as little as looking up similar car prices can save you thousands of dollars (as was the case with my van.  I couldn’t believe how much the prices varied between dealerships!)  Purchasing a car doesn’t have to complicated and stressful. The more you know about the process, the better off you will be.

Happy Car Shopping!


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