All Pirates of the Caribbean movies under $10 each

Fingers crossed I can see the new Pirates movie while it’s still in theaters!  In the meantime, I’ve been having a binge on the first four movies!   My library has them to check out.  But, really, I’m think I need to own them all.

The big question is, do I get all of them now or wait for the 5th one to come out on DVD and see if they release them as a set…..  hmm…

I’m thinking now!  Here are the lowest prices I could find – some are Blu-ray/DVD and others are just DVD.  I went with the lowest priced option.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl  DVD $9.89 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest 2-Disc Blu-ray and DVD $6.99

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End 2-Disc Blu-ray & DVD $9.99

That’s $36.14 for all 4 movies.  (And free shipping to boot, since shipping is free on orders of $25 or more.)


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