Save on Bowling when you Buy Bowling Shoes | Great Prices on Ebay

We love doing the Kids Bowl Free every summer.  A couple summers ago our local bowling alley was only $2 for shoe rentals.  But they were bought out by a big franchise alley and everything changed.  And now, bowling shoe rentals are $4.50 per person!!!  So just to take advantage of our Kids Bowl Free 2 games, it’s $9 per day!  That adds up fast!

So I did the math.  I hopped on Ebay and searched for bowling shoes.   There are a lot of great options in the $20-$25 price range.  (If you sizes are right, you can get cheaper!  Plus, stock is constantly changing at Ebay, so the deals will fluctuate!)

You might be saying, WHOA, I don’t want to buy someone else’s used bowling shoes!  (Which, really, you’re using used shoes if you rent at the bowling alley – BUT I understand wanting your own new pair).  Well, I bought us NEW bowling shoes.  Yes, you can find cheap bowling shoes on Ebay!  (By comparison, I checking in the shop inside the alley and couldn’t find anything under $40!)

These NEW Brunswick Silk Blue White Womens Bowling Shoes are $24.95 shipped!

The DUNLOP WOMEN’S BOWLING SHOES – Brown/Beige Retro are $24.95 shipped also (these are the ones I got for myself!)

You can also search men’s bowling shoes or youth bowling shoes.

I spent $50 on bowling shoes.  I know, $50!  BUT that’s FIVE rentals at the bowling alley.  I promise you, know that we have our own shoes, we will go way more than 5 times this summer.  So it comes out to a savings!  Plus, mine will fit me next year so I won’t ever need another pair!  I can always re-sale G’s and get him a new pair next year when his foot grows (and maybe find a better deal because I’ll start looking sooner!)

If you don’t mind used shoes and you like the classic rental look – you can get used rental shoes!  I really wanted a pair like this but they didn’t have my size.  The used ones are only $19.95 SHIPPED so that’s an even better deal!

Used Bowling Alley Shoes Women’s Sizes $19.95 SHIPPED 

Used Bowling Alley Shoes Men’s Sizes $19.95 SHIPPED

So what do you think?  Getting your own shoes, yay or nay?  Would it save you money?

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