Ibotta Dash for Cash $5 Bonus (ends 6/19)

Here’s a big bonus offer from Ibotta! Redeem 30 rebates by 6/19  and you’ll earn an extra $5.00 with the Dash for Cash bonus!

30 rebates sounds like a lot but you have almost a week to get it done.  If it’s time for your big grocery replenish trip, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the rebates done!

Plus those 30 rebates will also count toward your Ibotta teamwork bonus for the month of June!  (you should be able to wipe out a couple levels at least!  (Level one only needs 8 rebates!)

June Teamwork Level 1:

Earn an extra $1 when:

  • your TEAM redeems $10 worth of rebates
  • YOU redeem 8 rebates

We will know the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bonuses as we unlock each level.


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