Easy Freezer Meatloaf – 3 Meals in 1 Hour

freezer meatloaf

I wish I were better at freezer cooking.  I KNOW that it saves time, money and sanity.  But I haven’t mastered it yet.  But even though I don’t have 30 meals in my freezer at all time, one thing I DO have is meatloaf.  And even if you haven’t gotten the hang of freezer cooking, you can use this recipe to have a couple easy meals within reach also!

If you are a pro at freezer cooking, add this one to your list.  The one time I cooked allllllll day to make up freezer meals, I was able to have one of these for dinner that night because after a day of cooking I was too tired to make dinner.  You actually cook these before you freeze them.  So in the course of your “day of freezer prep”, you also end up with a meal.

To package and cook the meatloaf I use either 3 disposable loaf pans or 3 of the wider kind that aren’t as deep – they are about 9×7.  It just depends on what Dollar Tree has in stock.  They come 2-3 to a pack for $1.

This recipe makes THREE pans.  One of these pans is enough to feed our family of 3.  If you have more mouths to feed, you can easily double the recipe to make 6 pans – 2 for each meal.

Easy Freezer Meatloaf – 3 Meals in One Hour


1.5 lb ground beef
1.5 lb group turkey
12oz stuffing
1/4C bread crumbs
3 eggs
1/2 BBQ sauce
2.5T onion powder
3T Worchestire sauce
2T garlic salt


1. Mix all ingredients and form into 3 loaf pans.

2. Cover with foil, bake at 350 for  about 45 minutes.

3. Let them cool then wrap in more foil and freeze.

Reheating when ready to serve: Thaw loaf (I usually put it in the fridge in the morning before I want to have it for dinner)  Cook at 350 for 20-30 minutes until warmed through.  Uncover, coat top with ketchup and heat 5-10 minutes more.

Usually when I am preparing these to freeze, I plan to have one for dinner that night.  So after one bakes for 45 minutes, I would top with ketchup and heat a bit longer.  Then I cool and wrap the other two.