Beauty and the Beast on Blu-Ray and DVD RIGHT NOW!




Who is excited about this day?  TODAY is the DAY to get the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME* on Blu-Ray and DVD!  Beauty and the Beast is out today!

*personal opinion – not backed up by any statistics.

I just ordered my copy from Amazon today.  It will be here Thursday – thank you Prime 2 day shipping!

Want it today?  Pick it up in stores!  I decided I could wait (as painful as it would be!) because I had an Amazon gift card to use!  So I opted for free instead of now.   Someone get me a cookie.  :)

Do you find your Disney DVD collection to be lacking?  Don’t forget “Disney” includes Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel and lots of TV shows!   The only way to catch up on your collection without breaking the bank is by joining the Disney Movie Club!   The Disney Movie Club is offering 4 Disney DVDs for just $1.99 each shipped. And Beauty and the Beast can be one of those 4!

Per the terms of the Club you will have to buy 5 Disney DVDs at $19.95 + $3.95 shipping each within 24 months of joining and getting your first 4.  In the end you’ll have 9 Disney DVDs for around $128.    That’s just $14.42 per DVD.  That’s not a bad price!

But the real value comes with purchasing more than your requirement.  Every month I have a choice to purchase 1 at full price + additional ones with increased savings (as much as 60% off!)

Grab some FREE Printable Beauty and the Beast coloring and activity sheets.

Don’t miss this list of MUST HAVE items for the Beauty and the Beast fan! 

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