Aldi: Apple & Eve Juice $.99 or Less!

This is one of those deals you just happen upon but you can’t help but want to do a happy dance when it happens!

This is going to be a HUGE “your deal my vary” scenario.  I found Apple & Eve juices in the “special buy” section of Aldi.  Meaning that it’s not something they carry all the time and it’s not going to be the same in every store.

But with the two Checkout51 rebates right now, it made these already pretty good deals FANTASTIC!  Usually, when “name brand” stuff is in the Aldi Special Buys, I don’t get too excited because I know that I can get it at the regular grocery store for cheaper with the right deal.  BUT this is one time I took notice!

You can see my two rebates were approved from my Aldi receipt:

Here are the deals:

Apple & Eve Sesame Street Juice Boxes 8pk – $1.89
$1 cash back on Apple & Eve Multipack Juice Boxes from Checkout51

Apple & Eve Organics Juice Carton – $1.99
$1 cash back on Apple & Eve Juice bottle or carton from Checkout51

I still can’t believe what a great deal I found!

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