30% off Cat Food at Only Natural Pet (thru 5/11)

As a cat owner, I am well aware of the fact that there are far more deals on dog food than there are on cat food and needs.  I don’t know why, but it just seems that way.  But this deal is exciting!  Lady will be so happy when her box of food gets here.

But the deal ends TODAY so hurry if you’re going to take advantage of it!

 Only Natural Pet is offering 30% off cat food for new customers.  It’s valid on ALL cat food on their site AND it includes FREE shipping with no purchase minumum!   Use code AFNEWCAT by 5/11 to save!

It also applies to sale items BUT it takes 30% off the regular price not the sale price so if it’s on sale for more than 30% off you won’t see a discount BUT free shipping will still apply!

I added several brands and varieties of both canned and dry food to my cart to make sure the code worked on everything and it did!  Shop Only Natural Pet now to get the best for your cat and save! 

May is National Pet Month and you can see more deals and discounts on the National Pet Month Post.


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