**STILL ON SALE** Amazon: “Who Was?” Biographies for Kids just $2.49 each

I can’t believe this sale is still happening!  So many of these books are still $2.49-$2.99!  Have you bought any yet?  I got 4 for my son for his Easter basket!

Check out this list for Easter books too.

My son LOVES these books.  He’s 8 and reads around a 4th grade reading level and these are perfect for him.   Amazon has a huge selection of “Who Was?” Biographies for kids with prices marked down as low as $2.49!  They also have “Where is?” titles for things like the Great Pyramids and the Amazon rainforest and “What was?” for events like D-Day and the Great Depression.

Who Was Neil Armstrong? – $2.49

Who Was Anne Frank? – $2.49

Who Was Dr. Seuss? – $2.49

Who Was Albert Einstein? – $2.49

Who Was Helen Keller? – $2.49

Who Was Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart? – $2.49

Who Was Amelia Earhart? – $2.99

Who Was Abraham Lincoln? – $2.99

Who Was Rosa Parks? – $2.99

What Was the Underground Railroad? – $2.99

What Was the Great Depression?  – $2.49

What Was Pompeii? – $2.99

Where are the Great Pyramids? –  $2.49

What is the Statue of Liberty? –  $2.49

Be sure to view them all here – regular price is $5.99 but almost all of them are marked down – most to $2.49-$2.99.  Shipping is FREE on any BOOK purchase of $25 or more (or with a purchase of $35 of anything sold by Amazon) or Prime Members get free 2-day shipping on any of the titles!


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