Using eCoupons and the Winn-Dixie Mobile App for Grocery Savings

winndixieecoupons Winn-Dixie has offered e-coupons for a while.  You can access them and load them to your Winn-Dixie Rewards Card Winn-Dixie has a Mobile Coupons App available in the Google Play store for Android and the App Store for Apple.  It’s called the My Winn-Dixie App.

After you download the app you’ll have to create an account.   You’ll need to have your reward card handy.

Important notes for the Winn-Dixie Digital Coupons:

  • They are manufacturer coupons.
  • They do not double regardless of value.
  • They are limit one per account.

So let’s expand on those notes a bit.

They are manufacturer coupons so if there is a $.50 off Pillsbury biscuts Publix digital coupons and a $.50 off Pillsbury biscuits coupon you clipped out of the Sunday paper – they are the SAME coupon and CANNOT be used on the same item.  If you give the paper coupon to the cashier and he scans it, then you put in your phone number for the digital coupons, the digital coupon will NOT deduct.  And the reverse is true.  If you put your phone number in first for digital coupons and then hand over the paper coupon, the register will reject the paper coupon.

Side note: I never have much luck in purchasing TWO of the same item and using a digital coupon and a paper coupon.  I haven’t tried it in a while but it never did work for me so I usually just plan around this snag by not trying to do both even with two of the same item in my transaction.

They do not double so if there is a digital coupon for $.50 off something and I have the same thing in a paper coupon – I’m going to use the paper coupon because it will double to $1 off at checkout (at stores that do double coupons)

Side note: If I have a coupon for $.75 or $1 off an item in paper form and it’s also on the Winn-Dixie coupon app, I’m going to clip the digital coupon and use it and save the paper coupon for another sale at another store.

Limit one per account.  So if you clip a Winn-Dixie digital coupon for $1 off Tide and you purchase 2 Tide – the $1 will only come off for ONE.