HOT! Two Boxes of Checks for $11.95 SHIPPED!


I am on my last book of checks.  I normally don’t let myself get that low.  It’s time to order some more checks.  And I’m going to my favorite place, 4Checks.comI have the pink circle checks in the picture above.  But I think I may get beach checks this time – to remind myself of the vacation I’m saving for so I’ll spend less money!  LOL.

I learned a valuable money saving lesson a couple years ago – don’t buy checks through the bank!   My bank charges $19.95 for a box of basic checks. I can get TWO boxes for less than that when I snag a good deal online.

And THIS deal is about as good as they come! is a convenient online source for over 800 check designs and right now you can get TWO boxes for just $8.95!! Follow these directions to get your checks:

  1. Select 2 boxes of personal checks (each box has 125 checks)
  2. Using coupon code: DWF140 – makes the two boxes $5.05
  3. At checkout, opt out of EZShield Fraud Protection (subtracts $4.90)
  4. Select UPS Bulk Shipping for free shipping.  A $3.45 handling cost is added to all boxes, making your total just $11.95 – about $5.98 per box!
    **other paid shipping options are available for quicker arrival


I’ve ordered the circles patter (top picture) and the beach scenes (above) in the past.  Which are two of their most popular designs!  I don’t know what to get this time….

Don’t miss out!  Over 800 Check Designs at Low Prices – 4Checks 1 Box: $4.95 / 2-Box: $5.05 / 4-Box: $12.00 DWF140

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